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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
And yes in the Women's locker room it's the same, naked women some modest behind their towels and others standing naked in front of the full length mirror combing their hair. I've had naked women smile at me in the locker room, but it's never given me the eebie-jeebies. Women smile at each other in greeting all the time. Besides a women with kids probably isn't gay, possibly bi, but not gay.

You could get a fake wedding ring to wear to the gym, that at least says "taken".
Yeah, I see what you are saying. Trying to be "politically correct" I didn't want to turn this a gay vs straight thing but I think that's where women and men are different (or at least down here in Louisiana, I assume everywhere). You are right straight women will smile at each other with no intent. Hell, straight women will dance together and even touch each other (not talking sexually, but make person to person contact). Just as women and men can do all these things together and it may not be taken sexually, gay, straight, whatever. I'll walk by a female, make eye contact and smile, just to be friendly, nothing else. But usually if a guy makes eye contact with another guy (especially if they don't know each other) and smiles you can bet that the one smiling may be gay. Just as, you won't see two straight guys dancing together and you'll never see a straight guy rub his fingers through another guys hair b/c we don't make contact with another guy. Straight women can do that stuff all day.

As far as a fake wedding ring... if the guy was gay and trying to flirt I don't think a ring would help. IMO I'm obviously not gay (it's not like I walk around with a shirt stating it but you can usually tell by how someone carries them self). I don't think wearing a ring would change the image of myself. It's doesn't matter if I'm taken or not, I'm always off limits to any guy.

Disclaimer: This next statement may offend someone, but as it's been said before "I shoot from the hip".

I think if you have the b@lls to flirt with someone at the gym, especially of the same sex, you really don't care if they're taken.

I will say that the two times that I was married, I had more women flirt with me when I had my ring on than any other time in my life. I'm not talking about the way that men and women can smile at each other and it not mean anything either.

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