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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Yeah, his gay-dar must be broke.T b/c I sure as he'll wasn't putting off gay vibes. lol
Are you sure about that? Didn't you score an on-line proposal recently? Ooh, maybe it's the same guy?

In all seriousness I think it depends on how you were raised. I have two brothers, so we always changed behind closed doors, we all wore bathrobes over our pj's and I had my own room so all nakedness for changing my clothes was done in private. Believe me Jr. High gym was an extremely painful experience, and let's not even discuss playing on the girls volley ball team, or living on an all girls hall in a college dorm. I did get passed some of my nudity issues in college, after 4-5 years drawing live (naked) figure models, I realized that the human body is a beautiful thing and can be appreciated aesthetically on it's own without the sexuality factor. One of the favorite models had red hair and very pale skin. Under the studio lights her skin was fantastic, it sort of glowed or something, the shades and shadows over her were really fabulous and every time she modeled a master piece happened. Anyway I ran into her on the streets, and with clothing on she was actually quite homely and I didn't recognize her at first.

Our little DDs however have no modesty and are on the swim club to boot. When you wear a skin tight bathing suit in front of a crowd on a regular basis, any seed of modesty you might have naturally dies a quick and painless death. And yes in the Women's locker room it's the same, naked women some modest behind their towels and others standing naked in front of the full length mirror combing their hair. I've had naked women smile at me in the locker room, but it's never given me the eebie-jeebies. Women smile at each other in greeting all the time. Besides a women with kids probably isn't gay, possibly bi, but not gay.

You could get a fake wedding ring to wear to the gym, that at least says "taken".
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