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Unhappy Falling off the wagon.

So I have tried many many times to loose weight and gain family has a history of diabetes and I am super scared to inherit that trait. I have tried many times o lose weight but after a couple weeks it seems like I always fall off the wagon. I am very self consiouse about my weight and I'd love to shave down my stomach and my sides or "love hadles" and get some nice and toned obliques and abs. My parents and friends always say oh your not fat but ijust dont see it. School starts in a month or so and i want to returne a new skinny person with a tone body and a low body fat percentage. I just never can stay motivated enough to stick with it and eat healthy. It's hard to at healthy when you hav brothers who don't care what they eat and there are always chips and crappy food around the house. I am just so worried I will fall off the wagon again.... Any advice?
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