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Aw thank you for the lovely welcome almeeker! Where are your dads family from? I'll bet I know them

You are so right about being a good role model for my son. I have been parenting alone for a long time - his dad is not involved - I think I wallowed in the sadness of that for a long time (we split when I was pregnant). And then, I had little family support (I have a pretty large, pretty dysfunctional Irish family) and again, I 'lived' in that emotion for so long. I went to my GP recently about my back which keeps me awake most nights - I just went to get some medication but ended up breaking down and telling him I HAVE to LIVE because there is no one to care for my boy if anything happens to me. That was definitely a turning point for me. My weight has been affecting my health for so long now (bad back, low self-esteem, find it difficult running upstairs etc) and I knew that if I continued on that destructive path, I might not be around to see my grandkids!

But something definitely has changed within my psyche - I think the therapy (about the dysfunctional family), the studying self-help books has now come together and I finally 'get it'!

Thanks again for the welcome, it's nice to know I can write this stuff down
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