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Sometimes I'll have 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast too, or one on my salad at lunch, I need the protein to keep my sugar stable. And easy to grab on a busy morning, getting myself and the kids out the door, can eat em in the car if they're pre-peeled. I get string cheese sticks for the kids, one of those is a good protein boost. Nuts are easy, I buy the bulk ones in the baking aisle, they're usually cheaper, and portion them out in snack bags. Nuts and fruit is a good breakfast or snack. Those tuna pouches are awesome as well. I don't worry about the carbs/sugar in fruit b/c I figure all that natural fiber balances it out. I don't drink much fruit juice, it has good vitamins and all, but the same sugar impact as a can of soda ! Cottage cheese I have to be careful with, sometimes in a weak moment I grab the whole tub and a spoon lol.
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