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Default what happened?

I was more then 2.5 pounds lighter today at my weigh in now as much as I would like to think I lost that much weight in one day I don't think that is what happened. I would like to get an idea of what is going on, it has to be something I changed so here is my routine:

I wake up, drink about 8 oz of water and take my vitiman.
I walk for a mile at a good clip and drink another 8 oz of water during the walk. I then sit and 'cool' down and finish off the water bottle another 8 oz
Shower and weigh in.

This morning I was pretty sore from the weight training last night and skipped the walk so I didn't drink all the water before the shower.
I showered, weighed in and then took the vitiman.

Can 24oz of water account for the 2.5 pounds?
My scale could also be broken, never did trust those things.
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