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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Do you think this recipe would work without as much of the "zest"?

I don't handle spices too well, and jalapenos are way too hot for me (though I could add some chili powder and be able to eat it). I usually don't like peas but this actually sounds like something I might try to eat, stirred in with some grilled chicken, maybe! It sounds good! Thanks for sharing

Sure! The onion alone give it some zest. Instead of Jalapenos you can try just a few sprinkles of crushed red pepper if you want, or none at all. Or maybe just a few shakes of Tobasco sauce (just for the flavor). To me, the dish is not hot at all, but then again I'm used to hot foods. Definitely go with the chili powder, there's regular and there's hot, sounds like regular would be good for you.

Experiment! I doubt there's any way to screw up this dish, other than overcooking the peas.

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