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I've been fighting a sugar addiction for years. I win for a while and then I talk myself into a treat and I'm off and running again. This time I started using a journal and I try to write every day how I'm feeling, sad, happy, ill, well, whatever and the longer I've stayed away from sugar (it's been 7 weeks) the happier my moods have become. My energy is higher, I just feel more positive. Just writing it down, keeps me focused on the big picture and helps me stay strong when the the tv ad for Oreo cookies makes me want to go the store and eat the bag. I also have SF Jello and whip cream always in the fridge. I use Josephs low carb pita, I cut it in half, separate the 2 pieces and toast them a little and have 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on them with a cup of tea, aprox. 3 net carbs and it is very satisfying. The fiber helps control the cravings and the little bit of PB is just sweet enough. I hope this helps and stay strong, remember it will be easier tomorrow.
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