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Default me too! me too!

1. I'm grateful for the 9 months I had off. Though unemployment is scary, I was able to really decompress after 5 years of high-stress levels and ridiculous schedules. I was able to achieve peace and balance.

2. I'm grateful to be back to work. This job is just right for where my head and my heart are at right now. The hours are steady and the start time of 9am allows me to get my workouts in with plenty of time each morning.

3. I'm grateful for fresh, clean, and neatly folded laundry.

4. I'm grateful for the first light of the day during my walks with smoochie poochie in the morning. Gotta love a gorgeous sunrise.

5. I'm grateful to be blessed with a sound, healthy body that responds and does all I ask of it. I'm happy for the opportunity to make the most of it.
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