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Default Friends won

Do you know how hard it is to lose weight when your friends insist that there's nothing wrong with being overweight (obese, according to the standard BMI chart), even when your weight contributes to blood pressure and glucose problems?

"You're starving yourself!"
"I like big men!"
"Don't eat less, just exercise more!"

Those are some of the inanities I heard from my Livejournal friends a few years ago, the last time I tried to lose weight. As one might expect, I gave up and immediately regained the little I'd lost, plus some.

This time, I made no announcement. I just quietly enrolled here and started tracking my food, weight, and measurements. So far I'm dropping two pounds per week, give or take, and about .5" per week off my chest (LOL moobs) and belly. If I can get back into my 34" jeans with no dunlap, I'll call it a win.

Speaking of BMI: I ran myself through a body fat calculator and came up with a lean mass of 156#. BMI says I should aim for 160. That's... scary skinny. 156 + 16% (a reasonable level of fat) is 180, so that's my initial goal.

Long story short (too late!), I'm hoping I can get some encouragement here.
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