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Default Confused about site charts

Hello everyone,

First all many thanks to the creators of this site. Im new, but am impressed by how much it offers for free!

Im not particularly dieting, but I do generally eat healthily (just common sense calls), and was curious to see what the charts turned out.

For the first days entry, it shows that i consumed approx 1950 calories, and burned 2100 or so. So about right.
It worked out at around 41% carbs, 31% protein and 28% fat (of which 22% is mono/poly unsaturated).

Where my confusion lies is in the nutrition chart, it seems completely whacky @@.
A few examples:
967% of RDA of B12
489% B6
235% Vitamin C
142% Vit D
611% Selenium

Then theres a bunch that are only between 100-150%, and a few such as Vitamin A that are between 80-99%.

Im no dietician, and am a little concerned about some of these figures, as we allways hear that too much of something is a bad thing (even if the substance is generally good).

Any advice/comments on these figures would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.
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