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I'm a 5'-2", 41 year old female, trying to get down from 244 to a healthy weight of 120. I've lost 44 pounds so far by increasing my workout from 1-3 times a week to everyday. I go 60-90 minutes and I have no specific routine, just whatever I feel like doing, but 30-60 minutes of it is usually on the elliptical. I've done all kinds of programs and websites trying to figure out how many calories I should eat, and most of them put it around 1800-2000 calories. Well when I eat that much I get terrible heartburn and gain weight, regardless of my workout. So I've dropped it down to 1300-1500, every now and then I'm lower than that, but typically I'm at 1400ish. I'm comfortable at this amount, I get what I need vitamin-wise, I'm losing weight, I have lots of energy, I don't get heartburn and I feel good.
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