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I try to think of the big picture when I have days that are not as healthful as I would have hoped they would be. I try to think that it was just one day and if I have more healthful days than non-healthful days, this one day will not be remembered on my body.

It was difficult for me last night when I ate food for comfort and then decided that I wanted more comfort ie: food. My brain went back to where this was my normal behavior and I felt this strange sense of sadness as well as comfort. Sadness because change is sad and I am changing. I don't eat like I used to. I have a super healthy diet and take care of myself. I used to eat a whole pint of ice cream and cry the entire was through because I couldn't stop. I thought the ice cream would make things better even after each bite proved me wrong. Last night when I ate I knew that the comfort I got from the small portions of sweets were temporary and that the next day I could not call upon food for this feeling. Then I thought about how much I was ready for this change and it lifted the sadness.
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