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Default extreme gardening this weekend

Back up to the mountain house.

Did a bunch of brush clearing Friday and today.

Thursday was a brutal workout in CrossFit. The gym has a tradition of assigning a special workout on your birthday... and Thursday was my birthday. So after the strength session (squats and deadlifts) I got to do a workout called "Fran": 21 thrusters (start with bar on the ground, pick it up to your shoulders and squat, then stand up lifting the bar overhead at the same time - whew!), 21 pullups, then 15 thrusters, 15 pullups, and in case you haven't had enough, 9 more thrusters and 9 more pullups. And this is all timed with the objective of doing it as fast a possible, but with as much weight as possible.

So I used 55lbs, I still use a band to assist with the pullups, but did it all in 8:17 minutes. It took a several trys to get the last 2 thrusters. By the end I was as close to throwing up as I have ever been .

Abby, it sounds like you had a pretty good coach, even if he was just a kid. Form really is important and the speed you use really does affect which muscle groups you are working.
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