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Sugar addict here . I did what dhh8193 said and didn't have any artificial sweetener and it took around 2 months before the cravings finally went away. By that time even things like winter squash tasted sweet (I mean candy-sweet) to me. But it was torture both mentally and emotionally and as soon as I had the first sugary treat I couldn't stop at one and went right back into the sugar addiction.
This time I'm satisfying the cravings with artificially sweetened things, a carby thing with fat & protein (like fruit and cheese) or just fruit. It's more doable for the long haul. Going cold turkey was just too extreme for me and even though the physical addiction was gone, I still had the psychological part of it and would droll at the sight of cakes, doughnuts, etc. I wasn't happy about it. I don't feel deprived this way.
There's several books out about sugar addiction and I've tried many different things they suggested, but find that satisfying the craving with non-sugar items works the best for me.
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