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Originally Posted by chrystaljones28 View Post
Hello, I am new to Fitday and would love some feedback on how others handle the negative comments they receive from others garding your weigt loss ... I feel like I am constantly defending myself. Does anyone have any suggestions?
First, let me add my congratulations to you for your wonderful achievement, especially in the time you took to achieve it. Obviously you were dedicated and disciplined, and strong.

I have not as yet reached my goal, but I'm close. When I'm at LBM I'll have lost around 63 pounds, and like you, I'm 5'3", so it's possible I'll be getting the same kind of remark. After what I went through (as have so many) to get to goal, I'll be dang if I let anybody get away with expressing their "concern" that way. You know you can tell the difference between genuine concern from a close friend, and plain old jealousy.

I read a fantastic rebuttal to this kind of comment on another forum, and if somebody ever catches me in a snarky mood, I just might use it. If the person is herself overweight who asks me questions like why do I continue recording intake and so on, I'll say, "Because I don't want to end up like you."

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