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Originally Posted by mrsrs View Post
i started trying to lose about 50 pounds a few months before christmas through the weight watchers at work program in my office. I'd been roughly following that plan for awhile without seeing much in the way of results. I lost a total of 7 or 8 pounds in two and a half months (not much). I was getting fed up with the slow weight loss and counting points so i figured it was time to switch plans.
This sounds great maybe i should do it!

i'd done atkins in the past with limited success but after awhile, the weight loss would slow and i would give up so i was reluctant to try it again but i was really feeling like i needed to get serious about my weight. On january 15th, 2010 i started atkins again but this time i was determined to do it correctly. I started induction with a vengeance, being diligent about keeping my carbs under 20grams per day. I lost about 5 pounds in two weeks—better then on weight watchers but still not what i was expecting. I started searching the atkins discussion boards for help. I found a great hint from a woman trying to get past a plateau and i thought "hey... That's not a bad idea!" and decided to try it.

What she suggested is that you monitor you carb, protein and fat percentages each day to ensure you get the right break down. You should be eating approximately 60-70% fat, 20-30% protein and 5% carbs. I put all my food into fitday until i got the percentages correct and you know what? It works! It works really well. I've been following this formula now for 30 days without a single cheat. I've lost a total of 16 pounds in just one month! I am shocked but i’m going to keep going as long as it continues to work for me. I posted this in the hopes that it might encourage others who are not experiencing fast weight loss on atkins. Try it! Maybe it might work for you too!
will start next week i am turning 30 and plan do eat right.
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