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Originally Posted by kathietaylor View Post
I admit there times when one serving of a certain food, like pasta for instance, is just not enough!! I want MORE!!! Anyone else have that issue???
I'm surprised no one has mentioned insulin sensitivity. I recommend you Google it and educate yourself all about it -- too long to go into here.

For most of my own weight battle I suffered the same problem, Kathie. I'd try every ruse under the sun to lose fat while avoiding giving up my high-carb triggers altogether. Then, keeping it short and simple, two things happened: I finally convinced myself that I had to get tough about it because keeping the triggers in my plan was torpedoing the plan, and I discovered, learned about and incorporated the principle of insulin sensitivity into my eating.

Short version: Learn to love the Glycemic Index. In brief, every food has a glycemic index number. This is a quick way to assess how fast a food reaches your bloodstream. The longer it takes, the better for fat loss. The rule of thumb: Don't eat anything with a glycemic number higher than 55, period.

Doing this will have the effect of "smoothing out" your insulin release. It's the insulin spikes that happen when you eat say white pasta that keep you craving more of the same. (I'm trying to keep this short, so I'm way oversimplifying.) When you restrict yourself to low glycemic-number foods, you cultivate a nice, low, slow insulin release that -- and here's the big good news -- eventually will cause you to lose the cravings for the high glycemic stuff, the very foods you're having a problem with. It will take awhile, but not a long while.

Google insulin sensitivity, Google Glycemic Index, and become an expert for yourself. Then, make up your mind that for two weeks you will never never ever eat any food above 55. Then watch the results. Unless you have some sort of metabolic condition, like diabetes or pre-diabetes or some such, in other words, if your digestive system is "normal", I [B]promise[B] you, your carbaholicism will either disappear altogether or be reduced sufficiently that you can handle it.

Honest. Would I lie to you?
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