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Thanks everybody. I just am really impatient and I feel like if I run in addition to biking I'll lose weight faster.

As for the lifting, my regiment is usually *tens* 12 hammer curls (12 each arm, 1 right arm 1 left arm 2 right arm, so on), 12 of the shoulder exercises (both arms at the same time). I take about a 30 second break, usually end up texting haha, then I do it again a total of 3 times for each exercise. I then do the same thing I did with hammer curls with bicep curls and instead of the shoulder exercise, i left the from myshoulders to above my head (done with both arms like the shoulder exercises). This is also done 3 times each. Then I try to do 3 sets of bicep curls with my 25s.
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