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mandab1: I completely understand your reaction. It's normal. You did so good not to give in and eat the forbidden fruit. I agree with what other ppl have said here and wanted to add that in addition to letting it go, learn from it by making a plan for next time or plan for there not being a next time if you can.

Like you, my husband doesn't eat the way I have to now (he doesn't have to diet and doesn't gain weight very fast...) and also he cooks and is into high fat processed foods . So I picked a couple of things that I can't be in the same room without eating (yeasty bread, pizza, Carl Jr's hamburgers, pastry/sweets) and so I asked him to eat out when he wanted these things and to never bring them into the house as a way to be supportive. Maybe you can ask your husband to avoid bringing in whatever foods are your hardest to avoid, too.

I found a cache of Little Debbie wrappers in the trash can of his home office the other day and tore up that room looking for some wrappers with the Little Debs still inside LOL. He had eaten them all. Good thing. He said he won't hide sweets in his office anymore, but I still don't go in there just in case. I still feel ashamed of myself for going through his desk drawers looking for a sugar fix and don't want that experience again.

I don't know how ppl with kids or uncooperative spouses do it, if I see certain foods in the house they're MINE! I still have no control with sugary pastry-like foods, yet. I hope this changes as I develop new eating habits, but for now, it's just how it is. I can avoid buying them but for some reason once they're in the house it's a whole 'nother story.
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