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Default Alternate day diet

Hi all well out of all the diets I have ever done this has to be the best for my body and weight loss. I am on the low calorie day system where one day is a "down" day and you consume only 500 calories. The next day is an "up" day where you can eat what you like within reason. So typically I have 2000 calories a day so by having 3 down days in a week I am cutting back significantly for an overall calori deficit for the week. It averages out that I eat about 1200 cals a day. I find this quite good for me as I can diet easily for one day at a time. Also it seems to not slow my metabolism down as I eat well one day and small the next. And if I do exercise on my down day I can use those cals burned for extra food!!!! Once you have reached your target weight you increase your down day calories untill you get to a maintenance level. You can also play around with it a bit and if you have a bad down day you make it an in between day, and just eat less the next day! Sounds confusing but it's really not. has anybody done this type of dieting before and if so, how did it work for you? Thanks.
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