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Originally Posted by Huskyemma View Post
thanks lee.. i am feeling better already, looking to order some grass fed beef from the internet and fill the freezer as i can't get it local.. i live in the uk. i have been logging all my foods, even the smallest thing. no potatoes, bread, pasta, beans, or any non paleo foods (apart from my one open meal that had rice with it) for a whole week now.. i feel fantastic. my body tells me when i'm full and i don't get those horrible crashes from sugar any more.. not grazing ALL day either.. and another thing is that i have been eating a lot but have had a 1000 calorie defecit everyday!! and ALL my RDA's are above ''normal''.. can't believe i didn't find this plan sooner...
Hi Emma, I'm in the UK also and most meat in the UK IS grass fed whereas in the USA it's grain, so don't go overboard on the internet! Loren Cordain's book and website, as well as Marks Daily Apple are really good too.
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