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Hi, I'm in the UK where Paleo hasn't caught on so well as over the pond, so there;'s less support. However your websites - Paleosolutions by Robb Wolf, Marks Daily apple and Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet are so good, thanks for the electronic age! I follow an 'Approach to Paleo', and 80/20 regime which Loren Cordain advocates. It allows for 'holidays' when it may be impossible to eat a truly Paleo/Primal diet. I'm a lazy keep fitter, but do 'Swim 'n' gym' every week alternating according to my mood. I'm 60, 180 cms tall and have kept my weight at 75 Kgs now for 5 years following the above regime. It works, but you do have to make some lifestyle choices - the hardest of which, for many, is forgoing bread and pasta, but the results are worth it! Happy hunter gathering!

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