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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Shoveled about 5 yards of gravel in the 93 degree heat for four hours yesterday--I think that constitutes exercise.

Got another couple of yards left in the pile to take care of today.

Yikes Michael, that is MAJOR exercise.

Counting backwards: Monday is usually a rest day mostly because I need it to get the rest of the week lined up with projects and employees. That's what gives me the freedom to do all the other activities during the week.
Sunday: House and yard puttering. I had planned on a long run, but just didn't have the gumption when I got up, and then it got too hot. So I used the time effectively to get house and home in order for a couple of weeks away.
Saturday: Crossfit was offering an optional obstacle course-type training class. All outdoors, basically jumping or climbing over stuff, walking on horizontal telephone poles, occassionally scrambling under said telephone poles and some sprinting. In otherwords a chance to be a kid again. It was a blast. I had to resurrect a few skills, but nothing too physically challenging, just fun.
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