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Honestly, fitday is a website, and it shouldn't really matter what we are using on the client end.

For me I am trying a Windows 7 PC at work (with Firefox 3.6 and IE 8.0). My phone (Motorola Droid 1, with latest updates, default browser). At home I have Ubuntu running Firefox 4, and Mac OS X running latest Chrome browser. Behavior is consistent in all of them.

At this time, browsing the site is fine, but the trouble is when entering menu items. Inserting a food item into my food journal is working OK right now, but trying to then modify (for example, change number of servings) usually doesn't work. Also, creating a new food item doesn't seem to work, when trying to save the site times out.

This feels like a database issue, maybe a write lock on the table or index for some reason.

FYI: posting to these forums is also slow / times out, wondering if this is hosted on the same DB as the fitday app data?

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