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Default Congrats!!!!

Is that a dimple I see in that last skinny man shot? Wow you can't see it in any of the others. You rock dude.

Hey great job on the running, are you completely addicted or what? I've been working out 2x a week on the elliptical now for a couple of years, so for Christmas my husband and I bought one for each other and parked it in the dining room. Anyway I've been running (or whatever it is) on it everyday as opposed to a couple times a week. The last few weeks I've been going 45-46 minutes full out. Anyway the husband saw me on it and looked at the control panel and basically said that it must be a piece of crap because there was no way that I could run a 7 1/2 minute mile. Well guess what? The treads at the gym all say the same thing. Uh? Wonder why that is? I'm starting to smell a bit of a challenge here aren't you? I'm looking to do my first 5K in June. Good luck in your weight loss journey and on your upcoming race.
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