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Hi Nita! Happy birthday to us, yesterday!lol

I am so happy your BBQ went off well and that the sun came out in your honor. Last night I was out for the first night in 6 weeks. Good friends made dinner for us, just the few things I can eat (fish, potatoes, jello) with an Asian salad and cooked veggies for the others. Today I have had 3 naps..and it is just past 2pm! Lol

Nita you WILL get past 210, this is not forever. I have gained weight with all the potatoes I have to eat and at first it was a devastating blow..but I adjusted, it is temporary - and your weight is Temporary!! I find summer the toughest time to lose especially if small kids, or larger ones, are about the place. Time and privacy are always an issue, don't you think? If I remember properly I took up long distance walking when my husband was home to supervise the kids, haha I gave up trying to do videos in our livingroom during the day.

My meds were changed and they are working, slowly. I have to give myself enemas every night for 2 weeks. It is the same family of drugs that I take orally 4x-day and I am so grateful for the help. Crohn's is a tough disease...but I am up to the challenge!

My plan is to rest today and start doing some gentle exercise beginning tomorrow, maybe some stretching today. Nita, hang in there, put the scale away and measure your waist..have you done that yet? don't let that blasted scale rule your day and your mood. Nita..back away from the scale!!

Are you keeping a food journal in here? if it helps keep a paper journal in the kitchen And a computer journal in here. I am going to be in here more often to keep you company now I am feeling stronger. We can do this!

Hang in there Nita, measure your waist around your belly button (suck it in) and I will see you tomorrow.

Nancy x
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