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Default Yes, 700 is way too low...

This calculator worked for me to get me to a point where I knew how much I could eat and still lose steadily...plug your numbers in and see. It gives you calories per day for fat loss and then for extreme fat loss:

Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

It has nothing to do with whether you are hungry or not...700 calories a day will force your metabolism to slow down to conserve, and it will be extremely difficult to lose weight. In fact, you may even find that if your body gets used to 700 for a very long period of time, you will put on weight more easily when you go above that. I can't imagine eating 700 calories a day forever just to prevent that from happening.

You have some months, you said, so you will be able to lose a good amount and do it in a healthy way that will leave your eyes and hair and skin glowing on your wedding day...and that will look much better than what 700 calories a day would give you!

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