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I'm sure it would be easier to do it with someone else, but I'm pretty much alone. BF is very supportive -- he cheers me on with my eating and exercising, weighs food when I ask him to, saves labels, hides treats when I ask him to, etc. but he simply doesn't want to join me right now. We try to compromise on meals. I'm fairly lucky in that he likes "good" meat (turkey, chicken, seafood) and isn't too keen on burgers and such (he has them once in awhile, usually while at a restaurant) so we can have a similar entree or protein for dinner, and I will just make him a different side while I prepare my veggies etc. It works out well. We're probably lucky we don't have kids

I wish he would join me 100% on eating and exercising, but it's okay that he doesn't. From my own experience, I've learned that the only one who can "flip his switch" is him, and he's 1000% nag-resistant, so my chiding and/or cajoling does no good. Once in awhile he'll be tempted to try new foods, so that's good enough for now.

I have caught him sneaking on the scale a couple of times to check it out, but the results don't seem to change him one way or the other, and he eats middle of the road -- not terribly, but not good and healthy either. I hope one day he joins me for his own health (he's overweight, borderline obese), but the support is the important thing.

I wish he'd quit smoking, too, but that's another topic entirely! I think leading by example is the only thing I can do.
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