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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Hang in there, rmdaly. Like I said, it was a good year before my husband caught on.
Unfortunately, we are going on about 15 years now. I cook good, healthy, vegetarian meals and keep healthy food in the house. He doesn't eat it and instead tells me to get hamburger, potato chips, sugared cereals, candy and chocolate at the grocery store. (I always wondered who really bought the Cap'n Crunch cereal when there are so many healthy choices and now it turns out to be me. )

I try not to nag him because he never commented on my weight even when I was much bigger. But I worry about him especially as we are getting older and I think he needs to stop eating like a teenager.

Over the years I have found a large group of friends that I run, bike, swim and take exercise classes with instead.

Thanks for the nice words though. Cassie, you and Pam are amazing based on the posts I have read from you!
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