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Mary shows us one of the values of getting in shape, you are able to solve the problems life throws you!

I did some elliptical to warm up, then weights, got some good lifting in. One of the trainers (whom I really like, but think of as "the kid") came into the weight room (I think he was bored, but he was making himself useful, putting things away), he corrected my form a few times, then picked up my clipboard, and said "this is a great routine, did you write it?" Felt good, but I hadn't - one of the other trainers and I had.

No major accomplishments, but getting there and working out seemed very worthy. We're supposed to hit 100 today - about once a year I say "forget this carbon footprint nonsense, buy an air conditioner" - this weekend will be it! (By the time I'm fairly serious about it, the heat wave is over).

Stay Strong!

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