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Originally Posted by KimmyRocks View Post
think about all the herbivores in the animal world. Their bodies build muscle without protein shakes. Your body can, too.
The veterinary nerd in me has to point out, herbivores get their protein (and most of their calories) from the bacteria in their guts feasting on the cellulose in the plant material they eat, not from the plant material itself. That's why they have 4 chambered stomachs.

That being said, I do agree protein shakes are unnecessary and most are full of sweeteners we really don't need. But I do also use them as a matter of convenience, the Special K prepackaged ones. More sugar than I want, but I don't always have time at work to eat properly or on time, so they keep me from starving until I get home.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

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