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Hi guys,
There's a bunch of different recipe calculator sites. Just Google something like "recipe nutrition calculator" and take your pick. I do this all the time and don't have a preferred site because they're all pretty much the same. I would say to double check your ingredients/measurements/yields before you hit "calculate" -- some recipe calculators do not let you edit after you've finalized everything. It sucks to re-enter a complicated recipe, trust me, I know!

On a side note:
The only thing I've had problems with when creating my own recipes using online calculators is the Vitamin/Mineral counts -- not that they're inaccurate, but often the data will be spit out in IU, g or mg (not % daily value as FitDay uses). In order to deal with that you'll have to find the recommended daily values for each (I use the Mayo Clinic website) and divide the amount of whatever nutrient in the recipe by the recommended intake.

For example, my recipe for Mom's Rhubarb Muffins has 1.82 milligrams of iron per muffin. The recommended daily intake of iron is 18mg. 1.82/18 = .10111 Move the decimal over two places to get the percentage and you get 10% to add to your FitDay data.

Some online recipe calculators DO spit the numbers out in % instead of IU, mg or g. But in case you find one that you like otherwise, this should help ya get everything into FitDay as accurately as possible.
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