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Originally Posted by SisterJen View Post
Any suggestions on if I should walk away from the furniture or keep the key till I decide if Iím staying in the area? (Iíll be taking the kitchen stuff by Monday at the latest!)
Personally, I'd take all my furniture and put it in storage until I knew where I was going. If moving long distance, I'd either move it or sell it all, or give back to the church that gave it to me. But I wouldn't let my ex room mates just keep it. I've left things behind before, and it just made me feel worse about myself because I didn't stand up for myself. I figured things weren't worth fighting for, but when you go to replace them and have to incur the costs, its an extra expense that you don't really need when you are moving.

It sounds to me that you are under a ton of stress and trying to stick to a diet isn't extra pressure that you need. Again, the trying and failing will just make you feel worse. When I'm in situations like that, I try to just treat myself as best I can: walk to relieve stress, eat things that make me feel energized and avoid people that bring me down. Cut yourself some slack, be good to you, and get through it as best you can. Vow to yourself to get back on track once your situation stabilizes.

Take care of you.
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