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Default Heat has denatured my brain

Mary, sounds like youve kept moving, without melting, something impressive! Sailing is a wonderful activity its really big here in Boston (Community Boating on the Charles wants to make sure everyone can, regardless of wealth), but I never have time.
Pam , jump ropes really scare me! I am sure Ill sent one flying and poke someone elses eye out (is there one recorded case of this? Probably not). Perhaps the next thing I work on developing should be grace, but for now, strength and cardio fitness will do!
Yauncin, I look forward to getting to know you, maybe one day Ill be a distance runner, or a speed runner, now, Im just proud to move!
So for me, yesterday I went to the dentist instead of the gym well, another form of taking care of myself. Today was supposed to be weights, but I could not get my locker open, after trying the combination 11 times I went and borrowed a bolt cutter from the desk. Destroyed my lock and then realized I was doing the combination (which I have done for almost 2 years) in the wrong order.
So, I got on a treadmill to warm up before lifting, and it felt good, so I decided, just keep it going. I got 4.25 miles in 40 minutes, my 5K was 28 minutes. It felt good! And so did my cold shower ! Were supposed to see 95 today.

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