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If you weren't a little cranky with all of the stressors in your life as well one could be concerned. Of course you feel upset when you can't have the foods that you find comfort in. It is a loss and one we all have to deal with as we learn to change. It can be crazy making when the people in our lives don't understand the process. You have made two amazing life changing decisions, to quit smoking and to change the way you eat. It is completely understandable if you snap at others, I'm not saying it is helpful, but understandable.

I can relate to feeling that my good choices are not being respected. One of my roommates is very thin and when I started eating better she noticed and at first was very supportive. Shortly after friends were saying how impressed they were with my working out and not joining in on huge meals, this roommate started acting odd. She would bring home huge bags of sweets (for everyone she would say) and started baking (she hates to bake) and came to my room offering me cookies. I would say "no thanks" and she looked like she had been rejected. Anyways how I handle it is I work on my massive goal of losing 98 pounds (7 down!) one day at a time and am very aware of why I am tempted to eat. I tell myself that eating for comfort like i am so programmed to do is a short term high that will feel low afterwards. It is a process and I think we are all in the same place or were at one time. You are doing great! Keep it up!
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