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Originally Posted by NYCMike View Post
Hope everyone is doing well... Another week in the books and things are going really well. I actually ran/walked 4 miles today (which is really good). There is a backstory...

I actually love running and during the most healthy times in my life, I was running 2-3x a week. I actually ran the NYC marathon in 2009 (and found myself 18 months later up 100+, did I just admit that to this forum, jeez). Also during that 18 months I herniated a disk in my back which put me out of commission for a couple of months. I have been eager to start again, but at almost 350 lbs, it is not really an option. So, once I broke 300, I decided it was time, and I ran/walk 3x in the last week (btw, run/walk just means I take turns between jogging and walking). My body and back honestly feel great.

Anyways, I continue to read all the posts (I'm so proud of the many of you that are killing it right now) and welcome the newbies to the boards... I look forward in cheering your accomplishments and picking you up when you are down... we are all in this together.
Congrats on the running, there's nothing quite like it is there?? I started at 295 and have lived to tell the tale!

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“If at first you don’t succeed, you are running about average.” ~M.H. Alderson
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