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Yes, Mary, actually fear does burn calories. It's that constant pumping of adrenaline that keeps your muscle tense and tight. One of the reasons why folks are so exhausted after a frightening experience even though they barely moved.

I sure hope you have recovered. Why did the send you out with such and inexperience skipper???? That seems a little irresponsible IMO.

Crossfit this morning. The workout included "double-unders". That's jump rope, but the rope passes under your feet twice for each jump. It is harder on your hands and arms than on your legs. And the timing is really tricky. I know it takes most people quite a while to get them, but I am so frustrated with 1 or 2, maybe 3 at a time then the rope whips the back of my legs - ouch! Today was 50 X 3reps (with squats inbetween). It took soooooo freakin' long. Oh well, practice makes perfect - or so they say

Oh and Michealleo, I agree with the others, (especially vabeachgirlNYC ) keep the weight program. You would rather be muscley slim than a sad, skinny, weakling anyway .
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