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I've packed on a lot more muscle while dropping half a pant size.
AWESOME! Congratulations! I'm with you on the eggs. They're very healthy although I give most of the yolks to my dogs to keep my fat grams down. They love 'em.
When I was doing P90 I made my own recovery drinks with dairy products, too. I found that I could make them with fewer calories, less processed food stuff, better tasting and with the same macronutrient content as the expensive brands. I found soy protein and whey very cheap in the bulk bins at the health food store and would add a scoop when I used fruit juice for the base.

I've checked this thread several times to see what else I can use, too. Very good topic/thread.
I wanted to let you know that I've tried a couple of different brands of the Greek yogurt since posting about it and the only one that I like is the organic Stonyfield brand that I buy at WalMart. None of the other brands have the same flavor (they're too tangy and tart) and none have as much of the smooth creamy texture that makes it so rich.

My lastest find is home cooked beans. Compared to canned they're completely different tasting. I'm posting the recipe and macronutrients for great northern beans but I've use the same recipe for lima, pinto & red beans, too.

4 ounces chopped turkey bacon= 178.5 calories; 15.3 grams fat; 5.1 grams carb; 15.3 grams protein.

1 cup chopped onion=64 calories; 0.16 grams fatí 14.9 grams carbs; 1.8 grams protein

5 cloves garlic=22.4 calories, 5 grams carbs; .95 grams protein

2 beef Knorr bullion cubes 20 calories

1 pound bag of Northern beans=910 calories; 286 carbs; 208 grams fiber; 104 grams protein

1 TBS canola oil = (14 grams) 124 calories; 14 grams fat
A couple of shakes of salt, pepper, sage, rosemary, thyme & oregano. I like the flavor of using more sage and rosemary than the others.

Clean and rinse 1-pound bag of Great Northern Beans. Soak beans over night. In the morning, drain the beans and set aside. Brown the bacon, onions and garlic in the oil. Add 2 quarts of water and de-glaze the bottom of the pan before adding the beans and herbs. Then cover and pressure-cook for 1 hour. Depressurize and simmer uncovered until the most of beans are falling apart (makes a thick consistency) and most of the liquid has evaporated, about 3 hours in high altitude (it may be ready to go as is if you live near sea-level). Makes 11.5 cups.

If you don't live in a mountainous area you don't need the pressure cooker-just simmer uncovered or partially covered for a couple of hours. You only have to use oil if you're using a pressure cooker so if not, just use a couple of TBS of water to keep the turkey bacon from sticking to reduce the total fat grams even more. Although the bacon and onions won't brown as much with water as with oil, they taste the same when used in recipes.

MACRONUTRIENTS PER CUP (with 11.5 cups per batch):
FAT 3g

This is super filling, a stick-to-your-ribs meal. These beans are smokey tasting from the bacon and rich and hearty from the bullion cubes. They're excellent to make chili with and if you cook them until they're at that mushy stage they make very tasty refried beans to use in Mexican and southwest dishes.
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