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So glad to hear you are getting better and eating properly again Nancy. You have been in my prayers this week.

We had a BBQ on Saturday for my family to celebrate my birthday next week. All week we had very nice sunny weather with a forcast for rain on Saturday! But we held our nerve and put up the gazebo in the garden. Saturday morning dawned a little grey but by 10am it was very, very heavy rain. I had several phone calls asking if it was still on (1pm start) but I said I had all the food ready so there was no point in cancelling. Anyway at 12.40pm the clouds parted and the sun shone for the rest of the day! Great fun - paid for it yesterday tho!

I have weighed this morning and I am the same as last week - at least I didnt gain. Im not going to make my mini goal of 205lbs by Saturday, but I would like to lose at least 1lb this week as that will take me under 15stone/210lbs. I found my old Slimming World books (a bit like Weight Watchers) which I went to 6 years ago. I went for about 2 months with my mum and sister but we all found it a bit patronizing. I have used the weight loss diary in the back of the book on and off and was amazed to see that the lowest I have been in six years is 210lbs. So I have been yo-yoing with the same 12lbs!

I am SO annoyed with myself. About 10 attempts over six years and got no where. I NEED to get under 210 to prove to myself that this time it is different. A couple of people have noticed Ive lost a little and my clothes are fitting so much better but I think 210 is a psycological (spelling?) block I need to get past.

Will keep you posted.

Take care Nancy, hope you continue to make progress with your new medication.

Happy and successful dieting everyone.

Nita x
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