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Originally Posted by spbh1 View Post
Hi there,

I feel my motivation slipping when I do not see numbers on the scale go down. i know I have just started working out and should not expect results in a week but I do.

It'll be great to hear from different people about how they stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I seem a lot of success stories on this forum and this will inspire others like me to stay focused and not lose heart.

I am focused on an event coming up this fall. I go ever year and when I see the pictures of myself I just want to barf. This year is different I have till Sept to lose 16 pounds and I am working my butt off literally. I may not lose the whole 16 but I am going to get real close. I started this quest three weeks ago with 20 pounds to lose. My workout has make me not only feel better but I am already stronger, more flexible, and can wear pants I could not even zip three weeks ago.

Another motivator is the fact my son would is taller than me only weighs 6 more pounds than me....that sucks!!
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