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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
I eat whole wheat pasta fairly often (living in an Italian region, as well). My trick, is that I never serve meat (any kind) with my pasta. Just pasta and a good, homemade marinara sauce served with a veggie loaded salad. By eliminating the meat in the sauce and/or on the side, you have already made up the extra calories in the pasta.
I go the opposite route. Since I'm going to want plenty of protein in any meal,
I make a sauce that's got lots of lean meat and veggies - I pack it so it has about 3oz beef per serving and lots of spinach and mushrooms in with the tomatoes, onion, etc. And then I eat it with just 1 oz of spaghetti - enough to feel like a pasta dish without tipping the whole meal too much towards highly processed carbs. And I always shop for whatever pasta has the lowest carbs/calorie total. I make a huge batch of the sauce and freeze most of it, but boil the pasta each time as needed.
That was then:
November, 2008: 315 lbs
November, 2009: 215 lbs
May 28, 2011: 254 lbs

This is now:
July 24, 2011: 237.5 (-16.5 lbs)
October 12, 2011: 222 (mini-goal)
September 1, 2012: 145 (goal)
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