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Originally Posted by bentonparkwest View Post
This fitday site seemed awesome at first. But what the heck is wrong with the system???
Sugar is what makes us sick, fat, diseased and fatigued.
Sugar causes all of our problems, along with poor quality processed, manufactured, modified, preserved, genetically engineered foods that are not fit for human consumption...
This site is useless if you can't track sugar.
I don't understand the "alcohol" line item for foods, and no SUGAR????
Carbs are not created equal and neither are sugars.
I am disgusted.
No one even knows what a healthy diet is. I spent almost a year living on only fat and protein. I lost 30 lbs when I didn't even intend to...nor really need to. The food pyramid is way off base.
Sugars, carbs and alcohol is what causes disease. Whoever created this website does not want you to know this.
Good luck to you....
We are working at being able to track sugar. Yes, it's taking longer than it should but I'm being told that it's being addressed. I can agree that sugar isn't the best thing for our bodies but I wouldn't say that it in itself is what makes us sick, fat, diseased or fatigued. Sugar (or any other food) doesn't cause ALL of our problems, as you claim. We have to accept responsibility for our own actions. Too much of many things can be bad, hell people have died from drinking too much water. If you feel like you will die or become ill because of sugar, then eliminate it. If it really disgusts you and you eliminate it then you won't need FitDay to tell you how much sugar is in your food? If not, nearly everything has a label these days. If you absolutely feel that you can't eliminate it and MUST track it, write it down, put it in a journal, whatever... until we can track it. I also think it's funny that you say "No one even knows what a healthy diet is." Yep, we are all stupid here, you have single handedly figured what a healthy diet is, while everyone else in the world is clueless.

What I think is amusing from reading your post, I'd bet that you had elevated blood pressure when you wrote that, maybe you should check your sodium intake... oh wait, sodium isn't on your short list of things that cause problems.

If I had to guess, you're the person that blames McDonalds b/c people get fat instead of blaming the person that chose to eat it...

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