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Welcome, Ari!

First thangs... Good for you for wanting to be a better you, and great job getting some exercise in. Also, Ruby is right, 2500 calories is not some crazy-high number - but yes, you are right in that you probably won't lose weight at 2500 calories a day. You are also correct in that you *did* eat very healthy food...just too much of it!

My first response in looking over your menu is that you need to cut the portions down - but the actual food choices are good. For instance, for breakfast, either have the "mean green" or the cereal - not both. I love me some beans and rice (together and separately ) as well, and they're a staple in my diet - but you have to watch portions. I'd cut the 2 cups of black beans to 1 cup; same thing with the rice.

If you're not bored with it, then it's probably not problematic, but since you're working on a diet you want to keep forever, perhaps consider a different meat than chicken every once in a while? Also, make sure that you're at least eyeballing everything to make sure it's just one serving size. In the beginning, I measured everything until I got a feel for what was what; there are some things I still insist on measuring (cheese, for one) and there are plenty of folks who always measure everything always - you'll find your balance in time.

That's my 2 cents - don't beat yourself up, just keep tracking and watching portion sizes, and you'll see your size go down as well.

Like Ruby, I aim for 1500 calories a day. I cook a meal every night and use those leftovers for lunch, which keeps me from getting bored, and also keeps me from having to think too hard as to what to eat in the middle of the day. If you're into cooking, and I'm no salesperson, check out Healthy Cooking magazine - it has awesome recipes, with nutritional info included. Most are simple, some are time-consuming - all are worth it.

If you need sample menus or any other help, just give a shoutout.
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