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Originally Posted by Moxy12345 View Post
Reading over my list of the benefits of improving my health helps tremendously for me.

I found too that having a list of my excuses for not following my plan helps a lot. I listed my excuses and then found ways to eliminate them.

1. It's raining - (you aren't made of sugar, won't melt and besides, it feels very refreshing! Go anyway!!)
2. I'm tired - (then take is slow, even going slow will still help)
3. I'll make it up tomorrow - (yeah right... been there, done that, it doesn't happen)
4. I deserve a day off - (Tell yourself: No, I deserve a fuller life! And go do it!! )
5. I don't want to. - (Actually, you really do want to. Think about it - read your benefit list!)
I like your thinking!
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