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Originally Posted by Newlee11 View Post
Thanks for explaining how it is supposed to work, and how it works best for you. I was having this fear (whether rational or not... because I see that "24 hours" seated with movement) that if I don't put in my 8 hours sleep, I will think I have more calories to eat and then I'll gain weight.

But reading up on this has given me another question. A lot of you on the forum talk about how much you really burn. How do you know how much you really burn? After all, that's the number you want in that little box.
Well, if we are accurate in entering out calories, we can predict how much weight, on average, we should lose given an accurate total of our calories burned.

So, if I burn, say, 3000 calories a day and eat 1500 calories a day, I "should" lose, on average, three pounds a week. That is a 1500 calorie a day deficit (10500 for seven days) divided by 3500 (the average number of calories needed to lose on pound of fat).

Now, if we maintain what we think is a 1500 calorie a day deficit, yet we only lose on average, say one pound a week, then we know our "lifestyle" or basal metabolism calorie burn is significantly overestimated and we have to either choose another "lifestyle" or adjust it somehow (for example, adding another eight hours of slee).

Make sense?

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