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I find logging everything on fitday helps me to be able to stick with it fairly easily. I mean if I can't weigh or measure what I'm eating how can I log it? Like with strawberries what I'll do is I'll wash them, cut out the pieces I don't want on them like the stem at the top, then weigh them on the food scale and log them as ounces. I do this with vegetables too. To me eating nuts or trail mix or whatever would involve weighing the amount to get the correct serving size or number of serving sizes so I could log the calories correctly or as close as possible.

Some foods have to be estimated, like the vegetable kabobs from Kroger, but they have a marinade in them so even though the vegetables themselves probably don't have a lot of calories I have to estimate a higher amount to account for the marinade.

The point of this is that it eliminates mindless eating. If I ate that bag of potato chips for example, I'd have to go in and make a custom food for it in fit day and then log the nutrition facts for the package.
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