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I've been on/off Atkins for the last 3 years and since January went Paleo. Started listening to Robb Wolf's podcast and read "Paleo Solution," Art DeVany's "New Evolution Diet" and in the middle of Mark Sisson's "Primal Blueprint." They all agree on the main points. Eat plants and animals, move naturally and you're golden. That's an oversimplification but it's what I try to do.

I use predominantly coconut oil for cooking. Saturated fat has a higher smoke point and thus it's more stable to cook with. I use olive oil raw as salad dressing. I actually don't use bacon drippings as much as I'd like because it's a little higher in omega 6's. Same with chicken/duck fat. I'm trying to balance out my omega 3/6 ratio by eating salmon (usually canned) or sardines every day.

I also found that cow's milk and most dairy gives my skin issues. I used to have bad acne on my jaw line and back as well as serious dandruff and it's cleared up. It returns if I go on a bender with pizza or something. So I stay away from most dairy. I'm gonna try goat cheese and feta to see if that has the same effect.

I try to get outside when I exercise. It's summer so I use it as an excuse to tan. I do a lot of light walking and biking. Occasionally I'll sprint through the park near my house. And twice a week I do 35 lb. kettle bell swings with some other body weight exercises thrown in.

At my highest I was 215 lbs. at 5' 1" tall. I'm now 150 lbs. with about 30 more to lose. Also, if you're concerned about all the fat (especially saturated animal fat) I had some blood work done recently after being on the diet for a while.
LDL 100
HDL 47
Trig 55
High fat / low carb is the only way I should be eating and Paleo is the healthiest diet I've ever been on. Good luck!!
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