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Originally Posted by Coffeeandcigarettes View Post
Wow, your routine puts me to shame...I'm only starting on getting myself in to the rhythm of working out, so for the last few days (It's my 3rd day on fitday) I've been walking, dancing and using my Wiifit. I've lost a little, but I think it's through my eating so I'm looking for exercise options that will help tone me as I lose the weight.

Going to the Y tomorrow afternoon for some treadmill action though, fingers crossed I'll see some results!
Hi C&C,
It is all about good ole "stick-to-it-tiviness". None of this happens over night (does it folks???). Find an activity you enjoy, or a group of people you enjoy working out with or exercising with, is really the key. And then don't think too much about how much you might lose each day. Rather, focus more on improving your fitness, strength, endurance, flexiblity or some physical goal. My experience is that if your only goal is to see changes in the scale, you will become discouraged. If your goal is to be able to keep up with the kids, climb the stairs with out huffing and puffing, or run a 5K you will stick with it. Good luck and keep us posted
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