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SpdRcrChk, I was so excited when i read your post. I was pleased for you for your wonderful weight loss and you didn't count calories did you? I was pleased because someone out there understands. I was also enthused because I could forget my depressing encounter with a typical physician who really knows her low fat and the SAD (Standard American Diet).

Of course, she has never heard of Gary Taubes (Good Calories, Bad Calories) or Tom Naughton and his Fat Head Film. And I suddenly realized that you maybe interested in knowing about the next Low Carb Cruise [] in May next year. Both Gary and Tom are coming as speakers! Tom was a comedian before he did the film and we've been blessed to share this aspect of his character for several years now on the cruise.

I've found the cruise great for learning more about low carb diets and next year there's a great list of speakers, different programs in like Slow Burn exercises and Zumba, cook book writers. Simply by coming to the evening meals (you get to pick anything from the menu) you can't help but be invigorated by others at various stages in their low carb programs including some who've been doing it for decades.

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